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4 Reasons You Should Hire A Professional Piano Tuning Service

Unless you want your grand piano recital to sound like some macabre piece out of a vampire’s pipe organ, tuning is of the utmost importance with any stringed instrument. Speaking of strings, tuning a piano seems like a quick process that needs a few turns and good listening, but that is not the case.

It is essential that you, as a piano owner, should have your instrument professionally tuned. Do not attempt tuning by yourself unless you are certified to tune specific makes like the Baldwin & Grotrian.

Every piano is unique, and mere turning & string tightening is not the solution. That is where PianoCraft’s professional piano tuners come in!

1. Professional Piano Tuning Averts Damage to The Piano

The piano is a classic stringed instrument with a tough facade but fragile interiors that produce divine acoustics. If one string is flawed or off-tune, your sonata will fall flat on the ears. Irregular or poorly done tuning can badly disrupt the harmonics of the piano. Excess string tensions can also compromise the piano’s body. Piano tuning professionals are quick to sound the piano for issues and have the proper tools on hand to set the strings right.

2. Professionals Can Detect Piano Problems

Even if your beloved Estonia rings true in the hall, a professional piano tuner might see the problems with the piano not detected by you. Aged strings, misaligned hammers, sticky keys, humid wood, vibrations, & off-tune chords are hard-to-detect problems. Allowing PianoCraft’s professionals to inspect your piano will ensure your instrument is kept in mint condition.

3. Piano Tuners Have an Abundance of Piano Advice

Investing in a piano entails much responsibility. There are factors to keep track of, like the weather, movement, & time, as all can affect the performance of the piano. If your piano is exposed to humidity much of the time, it will exhibit off-tune strings, and with age, might even warp. If your piano ensues regular shifting from the concert venues to your home, the body might get damaged. Piano tuners can give you valuable advice & tips to treat your piano best through the rough bits!

4. Regular Piano Tuning Is Cost-Effective

No matter how vivacious a piano player you are, tuning is a regular ritual. Even if your piano is an heirloom showpiece, you still need to have it tuned by professionals to retain the instrument’s antique value. A piano ignored beyond two years is well towards its demise and might need restoration. While effective, restorations are an intense expense.

At PianoCraft, piano tuning is a distinguished reason for our service’s popularity. We cater to music teachers, concert pianists, bands, and piano prodigies in the making with their regular tuning needs. While you can rely on us for pure auditory perfection, you can also rely on our piano restoration & rebuilding services in Howard County, MD.

And if you plan on introducing your young to the world of stringed instruments, then may we suggest the Estonia Model 190?

Browse our new, rebuilt, & pre-owned piano store and schedule an appointment for piano tuning with us today!