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5 Tips To Choosing Your Very First Piano

It’s not just a piano – it is going to be the perfect reflection of you. However, the piano buying process can be overwhelming for beginners who aren’t familiar with the basics of pianos. The different brands, models, design styles/features, quality, and price ranges can make anyone’s head spin.

This piano buying tips guide will help you navigate the piano market so you can find your perfect piano and purchase with confidence.

1. Research

Before going out and buying any piano, it’s essential to do some research on which type of piano would best suit your needs. Classical pianos are incredible if you want something with a rich sound, while digital pianos are perfect for those who prefer an electronic keyboard feel. There are also grand pianos or upright pianos that might work better in different situations.

2. Consider Where the Piano Will Live

Please find out how much room is available in your home studio before deciding what size piano to get or where you want it placed. Consider the piano not only as a musical instrument but also as furniture that can be enjoyed and played with.

Many pianos can be folded up and stored away when not needed, so it only needs to take up space during playtime! However, make sure there is enough room to walk around the piano.

3. Know How Much to Budget

The way pianos are made has changed over time, meaning they now have different price tags depending on where it is made and who makes them. So, be mindful of the brand, model, quality, design style and features, and functions when deciding on a budget.

You can research and compare prices online or talk with a professional pianist who can help you set a budget since it is your first time buying the instrument.

4. Consider The Piano Warranty

Many piano companies offer a warranty, which can vary in length from one year to ten years. Therefore, it’s worth taking the time to determine what length of service is most typical for your given brand and if you’re comfortable with their policy.

A piano warranty could save you hundreds of dollars in the long run by covering any maintenance costs such as tuning, re-wiring, or fixing stuck keys. You can also find piano warranties that cover things like accidental damage and protection from the elements.

5. Find Resources That Provide Unbiased Opinions About Pianos

It’s important to find resources that provide an unbiased opinion about piano brands and models. PianoCraft is owned and operated by expert pianists and craftsmen in Montgomery County, Maryland. Our team can give you a more in-depth piano review and feedback about piano reviews.

We also have a distinct collection of new, pre-owned, rebuilt, and restored pianos of the highest quality. From local acoustic and digital pianos to famous brands like Baldwin, Estonia, and Steingraeber & Söhne, we have it all! You can also avail our piano restoration services to maintain your instrument without any hassle. Buy your dream piano today!