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6 Factors To Consider For Choosing The Right Digital Piano

When you’re thinking about buying your first digital piano, it can be hard to know where to start. There are several digital pianos brands on the market, and each one has its unique features and benefits. You must figure out which digital piano is best for you before making your purchase!

The PianoCraft experts in Alexandria, VA, have compiled a list of six factors to help you choose a digital piano that is right for you.

1. Your Budget

The first thing that should be considered when deciding on a digital piano is your budget. Digital piano prices range from a few hundred to upwards of thousands of dollars.

The digital pianos that cost more money usually offer a better sound and added features, including weighted keys and advanced digital technology. Before choosing one, figure out how much cash is available in your budget for such an investment.

2. Piano Size and Weight

You should choose the digital piano based on how much space is available to house the piano. Some digital pianos are more compact, which means they fit better in small rooms or apartments.

Others digital pianos may need a little bit of extra room due to their size and weight. Make sure your chosen piano is not too heavy for you to move around.

3. Number of Keys

The digital piano you choose should also have the correct number of keys. If you are a beginner, it is best to purchase a piano with 88 weighted keys. This will give you a more realistic playing experience and help with your overall technique.

4. Polyphony

Digital pianos come with different polyphonic capabilities. This is the number of notes that can be played simultaneously. If you are a beginner, it is best to purchase a digital piano with a high polyphony count so that you won’t experience any sound distortion.

5. Pedals

Digital pianos come with various pedals that can change the sound or create unique effects. For an authentic digital piano experience, it is essential to purchase one with pedals.

6. Number of Sound Effects

Digital pianos can be purchased with a variety of different sound effects. Your piano should come with as many high-quality sounds as possible if you are starting to learn. This will make the learning process easier and more enjoyable for you.

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