Piano Tuning and Servicing in Bethesda

Led by seasoned pianists and technicians, PianoCraft is on a mission to make every pianist’s playing experience exceptional by providing quality tuning and servicing to professional pianists and piano enthusiasts alike. After 50 years, we have become the top service provider for piano tuning in Bethesda.

At PianoCraft, our expert piano technicians offer nothing but the best tuning, repair, and restoration services to everyone who needs it—whether you’re a concert pianist, recording engineer, a piano teacher or even a budding pianist. To bring out its best melodies, your piano needs to be maintained at least once every six months. While it’s best to never go a year without having it maintained, PianoCraft believes it only takes a few piano tuning service visits to restore it to its original condition.

With 50 years of experience and expertise in piano tuning in Bethesda, our excellent team of piano technicians will be happy to restore your piano’s unique sound.



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PianoCraft Tuning in Bethesda

PianoCraft Tuning in Bethesda

One of the most basic steps in piano care is tuning. A registered piano technician can help you maintain your instrument’s stability, pitch, and pitch balance. Our highly skilled staff can provide the tuning and voicing services you need in your home.

Almost all piano manufacturers recommend tuning new instruments four times in its first year and two times in succeeding years. That’s for pianos under general use. Instruments that are used at concerts need to be tuned more often, preferably before the beginning of shows. They also need to be maintained during the off-season.

PianoCraft provides tuning services to all makes and piano models.

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PianoCraft Repair Services in Bethesda

When it comes to piano repair work, while we replace or fix existing parts, we also make sure that the instrument is restored to its original condition. While our expert piano technicians can perform repair services onsite in your house, there are times when more repairs are needed for your instrument. This requires for a transfer to our state-of-the-art full-service piano shop. From there, we can work on your instrument and restore it to its best playing condition, regardless of its severity.
PianoCraft offers a number of services, including piano tuning in Bethesda. We provide a full range of repair and restoration services for grand and upright pianos.

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Piano Regulation

Regulation is the process of maintaining a piano’s materials, including the keys, dampers, hammers, cloth, and leather components. Even if you don’t play your piano often, these components will change as they go through a cycle of expansion and contraction. These materials absorb moisture and expand when it’s humid while it shrinks during dry seasons.

Components may also jam and break due to excessive use or wear. Keys may start to sag when punchings (i.e. when the small stacks of paper and felt spacers in your piano compact) occur, causing your keys to have shorter travel distances. These components’ wear-and-tear also affects the sound your piano produces.

Signs your piano may need Regulation:

  • Key touch is too deep or shallow
  • Uneven soundz
  • Uneven key response
  • Hammer bobbling
  • Loss of control at soft volumes
  • Notes don’t sound full
  • Notes don’t repeat fast

Through our piano regulation, your instrument will always be in great condition. PianoCraft can fix all makes and piano models, including your upright piano, baby grand, grand piano, concert grand piano, spinet piano, and more.

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Signs your piano may need Voicing:

  • Uneven tone
  • Brassy tone quality
  • Dull tone quality
  • Piano sounds too loud
  • Lack of tonal variation

In order to meet your piano voicing needs, you need to communicate effectively with the technician. With the help of our highly skilled technicians, you can surely make your piano produce its best sound.

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Customized Piano Voicing in Bethesda

Every piano comes with its own distinct voice. Its design and construction affect the sound it produces, but you can always alter its voice according to your preference. Whether you want a rigorous sound or a mellow one, a skilled technician can change it through piano voicing.
Voicing involves the adjustment of the hammer harness to fix the piano’s tone quality.

Piano Craft Climate Control in Bethesda

The weather has a profound effect on pianos. High humidity causes wood to expand, while the lack thereof causes it to shrink. As seasons and temperatures change, so does your piano’s voice. These dramatic shifts in temperature and humidity may even damage your instrument’s strings, pin block, and soundboard when left unattended. As temperatures fluctuate over time, your piano would struggle to hold a tune.

If you live in a place like Bethesda, where summers are too dry and humid while winters are cold and windy, a piano’s top playing condition can be hard to maintain. To protect your instrument, you can have a Damp-Chaser Life Saver Climate Control system installed in your music room. This ensures that your piano is enjoying consistent temperature and humidity levels.

PianoCraft can make sure that your instrument sounds great all-year round.

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