The PianoCraft Difference - Custom Search Service


At PianoCraft we pride ourselves on having one of the finest selections of new and restored/rebuilt pianos anywhere. But that doesn’t mean we have everything.

But we can find – and have found – some of the rarest pianos in the world for our clients.

For example, we were asked by a school to find an 1897 Steinway D concert grand to go in their 1897 concert hall/auditorium that was being renovated. They were serious about 1897 too. We found multiple Steinway Ds that were manufactured within a year or two of their request and they were not interested. Our search led us throughout the world tracking down lead after lead. Finally, the perfect 1897 Steinway D piano was located but the owner refused to sell! He would only trade it for another incredibly hard to find Hamburg Steinway model D made between the years 1900 and 1906. Finally a contact in Poland told us about a technician in London who had the Hamburg Steinway D which we bought, imported, and shipped to Indiana to trade for the 1897 Steinway D that came back to PianoCraft to be rebuilt for our original client. Whew! When it was all said and done, our client got the Steinway D concert grand they wanted and we added 3 new clients – two of them international.

So no matter what piano you want, PianoCraft will use its exclusive resources to do its best to find it for you.