The PianoCraft Difference - Why "By Appointment Only"?

When Shaun Tirrell and Keith Kerman recreated PianoCraft 18 years ago, they felt it was critically important that every client have the best possible buying experience at PianoCraft. They knew with the quality of pianos they offered, and the way in which they were prepared, pianists needed undistracted time with the instruments to find the unique piano with which they connected. It is nearly impossible for anyone to connect with a piano when other people are playing on other pianos at the same time. That is a policy and tradition that is still part of the PianoCraft difference.

When you visit PianoCraft, you can take as much time as you want with our pianos. There are no salespeople hovering over our clients as they take their time playing our one-of-a-kind rebuilds, new pianos by Baldwin, Estonia, C Bechstein/Casio and Steingraeber and our pre owned pianos. We pride ourselves on NOT pressuring our clients to buy one piano over another. We are here to help, guide and assist and we understand perfectly that often means giving our clients the space they want. Our clients often seek us out and tell us which piano most appealed to their sense of artistry and musicality.

So we encourage you to call us at 888-840-5460 and schedule your appointment. Come in and find your piano.

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