Pre-Owned, Restored & Rebuilt Steinway

The thought of buying a pre-owned piano may seem daunting, but at PianoCraft, we make sure you have all the information you need to feel confident in your purchase. We specialize in pre-owned Steinway Pianos and offer various services, including pre-purchase evaluations, restoration, and rebuilding. Our expert craftsmen believe that each pre-owned piano is unique with its own story and personality.

We take pre-owned instruments and restore them to their original quality while also making any repairs necessary. After we’ve completed restoration work on these pre-owned instruments, they often become a much better buy than brand new pianos!

At our store, you can find pre-owned Steinways in various colors and styles, such as vintage prewar models from 1916, 1983’s black lacquer grand pianos, ebony or mahogany uprights with richly grained finishes, and more.

In addition, restored Steinways come with an inspection report detailing what work was done so you can be sure that the restoration process brought your piano back to its pristine condition.