Baldwin Model R Grand Piano (5'8") - Custom Search Available

Measuring 5’8″, the Model R was in the middle of Baldwin’s size range for grand pianos made in 20th century. The Model R features a one-piece, continuously-bent rim design constructed entirely of maple. In addition, the soundboard is made of the finest quartersawn spruce available with a tighter grain pattern for exceptional tonal characteristics. The piano’s sharp keys are made from genuine African ebony wood with an added radius for a superior feel, and the Baldwin-engineered Renner hammers deliver world-class note-to-note clarity and consistency, while its superior action provides faster key repetition rates, in addition to an increase in dynamic tonal range. The three pedals are traditional — soft, sustain, and sostenuto — and constructed from solid brass.

It should be noted that Baldwin currently manufactures two models of the grand piano in the size range of the Model R — the Baldwin Model BP165 (5'5") and the BP178 (5'10").  

PianoCraft's inventory has featured many classic Baldwin Model R pianos throughout the years.  If you are interested in owning one of these classic American pianos, please contact us at 888-840-5460 or mail@pianocraft.net.  If we do not have a Model R currently in stock, we are more than happy to conduct a custom search for you free of charge.