MSRP $72,334.00

Mason & Hamlin Model A (5'8½") - [2009] Preowned


PianoCraft's inventory has featured many classic Mason & Hamlin grands throughout the years.  If you are interested in owning one of these classic American pianos, please contact us at 888-840-5460 or mail@pianocraft.net.  If we do not have a preowned Mason & Hamlin currently in stock, we are more than happy to conduct a custom search for you free of charge.

At 5’8½”, the Model A is considered by many to be one of the best grand pianos under 6 feet. Full of expression, character, and exquisite beauty, the Model A provides unmatched volume, tone, and projection in its class, with sound quality and depth comparable to instruments of much greater size. This elegant, high-performance piano is the perfect combination of size and sound for professional studios, conservatories, and institutions, just as much as it is suited for the home.