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The Pros Of Investing In An Upright Piano

If you have been around budding pianists and aspire to be one, you may have heard them argue on the advantage of grand over the upright piano and vice versa. The discussion might often get heated if you are basking in the graces of true piano aficionados, and terms like ‘spinet,’ ‘petit,’ & ‘parlor’ grand are thrown about in the debate for superior sound richness.

Piano shopping is unlike anything you will experience. Our exquisite models can put a synthesizer to shame, & if you have an ample enough living room, a modest budget, and interest in Alkan & Chopin, then you already know where this is going. Trust us; you will make it to the ranks of the greats if you begin by nurturing an affection with an acoustic piano, the upright piano!

In a bid to plead the case for an upright piano further, the piano experts at PianoCraft in Arlington, VA, share some pros of investing in an upright piano.

Rich Acoustics

People argue that the upright piano is somewhat of a concession on a grand and can hardly hold a candle to it. In truth, an 88-key weighted upright piano is just as opulent in tone as a baby grand. It also makes an ideal instrument for beginner to intermediate pianists and is particularly enjoyable when breaking into Chopin or practicing Beethoven’s Sonatas. The piano is also not dominating its sound quality, so your neighbors will sleep well. The material you place your piano against can also enhance or dull the sound, so be careful about that. For a richer, fuller sound, setting the piano against a hard wall with the top lid open will do the trick of amplifying the richness of the notes.

Ideal For Beginners

The keys on a grand piano are far too long & the sound too intimidating for beginners, especially young children, which could complicate adept note fingering. Piano playing is still an art, and only when advanced basics are covered can a student upgrade their instrument. Hand placement, posture, finger placement, when to pedal, sustain or dampen a chord, how to do the 3rd, 6th, or trills; all these are easy to master in the comfort of your home where no one can disrupt your concentration. Mastering fast-tracked pieces on an upright Baldwin B243 Hamilton is no small feat!

Space Utility

Well, don’t think us cheap, but it’s a widespread unique utility of upright pianos that they don’t take up too much space in your living quarters. For artists who don’t have a dedicated studio, the upright piano can easily be tucked into the living room space while still a majestic presence in the room. And you need not worry about the mobility of the instrument as they weigh almost 400-500 lbs. (Much lighter than a grand!), so there is a lot of potential for reconfiguring your living spaces from time to time!

Price Economy

Okay, now you’re thinking about it! Upright pianos are still a classic, quality instrument, but they are still inexpensive compared to even the smallest grands. They also tend to depreciate quicker, hence their numbers’ availability on the pre-owned market. If investing in a pre-owned, your only concern is to ensure the instrument is not damaged by humidity or neglect and sounds rich. If there is a unique marker for a well-aged upright piano, it’s judged by the richness of the ‘voice’ the strings make.

Easy Maintenance

Keep the piano away from the air conditioner & open fire sources; never place it next to west-side walls lest the sun’s warmth creeps in. If your piano is ancient (pre-owned or heirloom), leave a jar of water under or near it to keep it hydrated in dry weather. Since pianos need tuning & servicing regularly

So, what’s it going to be? You can invest in an upright digital piano or our finer brands, & as well, they are quite the standard in sound, but nothing speaks ‘bespoke’ as an antiquated upright 1904 C. Bechstein Model 4!

PianoCraft, serving Arlington County, VA, offers you the most exemplary piano makes in both new & pre-owned models, complete with tuning & restoration services. Never hold back on your partiality for stringed instruments; shop now for the best prices on our upright pianos!