When Brodmann Is No Estonia – But It Can Be Better!

When Brodmann Is No Estonia – But It Can Be Better!

It is not always simple to decide which piano is ideal for you. Do you want the rich sound of the Estonia piano? Or the sleek design of a Brodmann? Both pianos have unique features that can make them perfect for different people. If you are starting, then a Brodmann piano might be the better choice for you. It has a clear and straightforward design, making it easy to learn how to play. However, Estonia might be a better option if you are looking for a piano with more depth and richness.

In this blog post, PianoCraft will discuss the distinguishing features of both pianos and help you decide which one is right for you!

Estonia Piano vs. Brodmann:


Estonia pianos have been manufactured since 1950. They are well-known for their superb sound quality and ability to deliver delicate tunes. They are also said to have a “singing” tone, making them ideal for lyrical playing. More than anything else, the Estonia piano’s tone quality distinguishes it and provides it a unique place in the high-end market.

However, the disadvantage is that Estonian pianos can be rather costly. If you’re searching for a more affordable solution, a Brodmann could be significant. While Brodmann pianos are not entirely built of real wood, they provide a wonderful, rich tone.

The action of mechanism:

The action is the mechanism that makes the keys move when you press them. Estonia pianos have what is known as direct blow action. This means a direct connection between the key and the hammer. Brodmann pianos have what is known as indirect blow action. This means a small intermediate piece between the key and the hammer.

The difference in touch:

Estonia pianos have a slower action which is excellent for players who have a light touch. Brodmann has a quicker action which is better for players with a heavier touch.


Estonia uses Abel hammers in their pianos which are made of wool felt. Brodmann uses Renner hammers which are made of synthetic material.


Estonia, which resembles the Hamburg Steinway in both tone and touch, combines some of the greatest attributes of great American pianos with those of high-end Europeans in a single instrument.

On the other hand, Brodmann is a piano brand quickly gaining a reputation for its rich tone and great voicing. These pianos keep their voicing and tune quite well. The bass range is robust and deep but not overly loud or overbearing. While the piano may not have the warmest or darkest tone, it does have excellent overall balance. Brodmann is ideal for beginning players.

Hopefully, this has helped you better to understand the differences between Estonia and Brodmann pianos.

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